Re-Cycled Yarn

In order to evaluate production waste in line with its “zero waste” motto, Iskur Group opened a Re-cycle yarn production factory in 2018.

Our Re-Cycle factory has a production capacity of 50.000 kg/day in a 50.000 m2 area.

With 1 ton of Re-cycle fiber, we are able to produce up to 4.000 meters of denim fabric. By re-cycling cotton fabric off cuts, we gain an equal amount of cotton as the entire harvest of Maraş Valley.

The Re-cycle process is starting by collecting and sorting waste which is coming from all of our textile factories.

The large lengths are cut and converted into small pieces.

After cutting process, the wastes are converted into opened fibers and transferred to the baler.

All those processes are handled in a continues machine.

When the fiber are ready in bales, we transfer them to our Re-Cycle Yarn factory to make them new.

We are able to produce Pre and Post consumer Re-Cycled yarn.

We provide GRS and Recycle 100 certificate for our Re-Cycled Yarn articles.