Natural Fiber

Natural fibers, are fibers that are produce by plants and animals.

In Iskur Denim’s collections, we use Lyocell, Modal, Hemp, Linen, Soy Protein Fibers and Cashmere.

We also have Zero Cotton fabrics which we blend modal with polyester and elastane.

Lyocell/Tencel: Made from the wood of Eucalyptus tree, needs low amount of water, outstanding performance in hot temperatures, soft touch, m ore absorbent than cotton

Modal: Made from the wood of Beech tree. Very strong fiber but soft, smooth, shinny and bright. Breathable, moisture absorbent and biodegradable

Soy Protein Fiber (SPF): Herbal fiber which has a protein content of nearly 45%. Soft and comfortable, thermal, anti-bacterial, anti-ultraviolet. It also has moisture transmission function.

Hemp: Strong, UV Resistant, breathable, biodegradable, use little water. Hemp plants absorbs more carbon dioxide than trees.

Linen: Very strong fiber, it can last decades. Biodegradable, moisture absorbent, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

Cashmere: Obtained from cashmere goats. Soft and luxury feel. Provides superior insulation. Moisture wicking and wrinkle-resistant.