The key points of the fabrics and production processes produced by İskur denim are as follows.

  • There is an Inhouse Recyle facility for zero waste.
  • There is a Cogeneration system for zero CO2 emission.
  • For Eco Production, the roof of the factory is equipped with renewable solar energy systems.
  • New waterless yarn dyeing systems have been installed and implemented for climate change actions.
  • Within the scope of its sustainability and innovation studies, İskur Denim is able to make endlessly soft (Soft & Breeze) yarn & weaving in denim fabrics without using chemicals, and it has even more than these points, which is our expertise.
  • Our super stretch fabrics, which are woven with yarns obtained from the yarn production facility within the Iskur Group, have a vintage denim appearance even with more than 100% elasticity.