Iskur Denim is an important part of Iskur Group’s textile investment.

Featuring four open-end yarn operations, 1 vortex yarn operation, and 2 ring operations, Iskur Group not only meets Iskur Denim’s need for yarn, but also serves as a yarn supplier for many companies in Turkey and abroad.

Owning such a great yarn source is such an important value for Iskur Denim’s quality and diversity of products.

Iskur Denim, which is a fully integrated facility, weaves indigo-dyed yarns at Iskur Group’s weaving facility and creates unique fabrics at exclusive finishing machines.

Manufacturing 18 million meters of denim per year and benefiting from Iskur Group’s 30 year experience in textiles, Iskur Denim provides service to denim brands in Europe, USA and Japan as well as in Turkey.